Thank you for taking the time to check us out. Legacy Church is a Christ-centered, bible based, relational, mission-minded, loving, growing Church made up of people who want to grow closer to Christ and make a lasting difference in this world.


Before you visit, we want you to understand our core values, leadership, and worship style. God’s word is our foundation and the truth never changes, however, methods, preferences, and cultural processes do change with time.


Here is what a typical day at Legacy looks like. You will arrive at Church to be met by some wonderful people who serve in Ministry of Caring. They will become your Tour Guides to show you where to go, how to sign in your children, where the nurseries, children church, sanctuary, and appropriate classes are for each person in your family. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have about our Church, Staff, or Pastor. Our Children’s check-in is in the foyer of the Family Life Center, which is to the south of the main sanctuary. Children’s Church can be found by taking the elevator or stairs to the main floor off the gym, where our Legacy Kids meet. There are age appropriate classes which are held between the first and second services, at 10:10 to 10:50 am. We will be happy to show you where to go. We have two worship services. 9am and 11am, with Sunday School held in between.


In the past 50 years, the worship style has changed significantly; however, God never changes. God is an awesome God and what touches His heart is not a particular music style. What touches the heart of God is the hunger of our hearts as we seek Him, the passion of our love as we pursue Him, the unity of the body, and the sincerity with which we worship Him. This does not mean that we don’t sing hymns on occasion. It means, we bring out of the treasure house of worship things new and old. Our goal in worship is not to become seeker friendly. Our goal in worship is to please God. Every generation has a new song, a new style, and a new perspective based on the New Thing which God promised to do in the Church. While we love to sing new songs, which are relevant and timely for this generation, we never want to forget the Church is made up of several different generations…and every generation is valuable to us. In David’s day, David introduced radical worship to the tent of worship, as he called on every musician to worship God with the gifting of every instrument. “Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.” We want to praise God with everything we have. We praise God with media. We praise God with lighting. We praise God with our voices. We praise God with the drums, guitars, keyboard, and organ. We praise God with new songs, and with old songs. And, our motive is not to please people…our motive is to please God, as we worship God in Spirit and in Truth.


The service will open with a video. The sanctuary lighting will be dimmed at the beginning of the service and remain dimmed until the time the offering is taken, and the sermon is given, at which time there will be full house lights. Why do we dim the lights for worship? We do so to help eliminate visual noise, and focus people’s attention in worship. We don’t want people distracted by people coming in, finding a seat, or moving around at the onset of worship. The lighting is often dimmed during prayer time again to remove the visual distraction and create an atmosphere of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.



In the middle of the service, we will worship God with our giving. This Church doesn’t beg for money. We believe in the principles of tithing, and practice what we preach. 10% of everything we receive as a Church is given to Missions. Over the past few years, this Church has given approximately 20% of its total income to Missions. Every person in this Church is encouraged to participate in both the tithe and in giving to Missions. Through our giving, God supplies the needs of Missionaries and Missions across the globe. During the offering, the announcements are shown via video, to let the congregation know what is happening and how they can become involved. You will be asked to fill out a Connection Card or Sign-in book. This helps us to learn more about you, your questions, and how we can better serve you.


We believe in worshipping God loudly. We never want the noise level to become painful. We just want to worship God with everything within us. We realize different people have different hearing sensitivities. For some, our music is too soft. For others, it may seem too loud. If you have hearing sensitivities, we have soft pliable ear plugs available to pick up for free at the foyer table. Remember, our goal is magnify God with all we have and all we are.



Pastor Burton is committed to preaching biblically balanced, relevant, timely messages from God’s word. He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in both the development and delivery of God’s word. Pastor’s goal is to skillfully use God’s word to help believers grow to become biblically healthy followers of God. A biblically healthy believer is someone who has is committed to follow Christ. A biblically healthy believer is someone who demonstrates the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and when used in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit…does so with sensitivity, wisdom, and understanding. A biblically healthy believer is also someone who serves the body, and is involved in the Great Commission.


We believe Prayer changes things, and God called His House a House of Prayer. In most services, the Pastor gives opportunity for people to come and pray, or to come and be prayed for. We believe there is power in agreement, and we want to agree for the needs in your life.